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The ideal result of one of our facial aesthetic procedures is to have everyone around you constantly wondering how is it possible that you look so refreshed and so youthful all the time. To make this possible we use the latest technology to help you restore volume, smoothen unwanted lines, reduce wrinkles, and give you a natural, longlasting look delivered without significant discomfort.

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Plump youthful lips will never go out of style, but the aging process can leave them looking thin and lined. Rejuvenate your lips today while maintaining your natural expression with our wide selection of fillers. Subtle Volume – Softer Lines – Natural Looking – Long Lasting.

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As we age, the amount of collagen and elastin produced by our skin decreases. This, along with sun exposure and genetics, can lead to unwanted under-eye wrinkles, or bags, which cause you to look more tired or older than you are. Our solution, natural looking sculpted eyelids, increased volume, and an overall rejuvenated brow and eyelid appearance.

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Being one of the first areas to age in the face, your forehead may be one of your primary concerns. Our treatments are instant anti-wrinkle remedies, helping bring balance to your face, and restoring volume.

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As the aging process begins to take hold, volume begins to fade, and cheeks start to sag, causing those areas to flatten out. Using our collection of fillers, we want to help you restore lost volume, and projection, bringing back the contours of your youthful face.

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At any age, having a well-defined jawline is a sign of health, fitness, and youth. Is that not what we’re all looking for? Our non-surgical treatments can be used to eliminate your double chin and enhance the aesthetic of your mandible. Results are immediate and long-lasting!

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Does your skin have fine lines, age spots, acne scars, or any other issues that you’d like to clear up? Our aesthetic treatments will help improve the look and feel of your skin, so get ready because you are about to be glowing!

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Hear these transformation stories

The best Dr.Haro .He did excellent job and a natural look. Very professional and truly the most detailed Dr I ever met .. I would never go enywhere else!!I .Amazing staff . I am very happy with my new look thanks Quantum Médica. 200 % recommend.

I highly recommend this Dr.! A friend of mine had gotten several anti-aging treatments and she looked amazing.So I finally decided to come see Dr. Haro.He’s very knowledgable, I have gotten 3 treatments so far and my face looks much younger and skin looks great!I’m getting lots of compliments!Thank you so much Dr Haro!

Quiero compartirles mi Gratitud con el Dr. Haro y su equipo de trabajo, estoy muy satisfecha, son muy Profesionales, y siempre que vengo recibo el mismo cariño, respeto y mi medicación Perfecta, los recomiendo 100 por ciento, Gracias

Todo el servicio espectacular!! El Dr un profesional en el tema de estetica progresiva y despertar la belleza que ya hay en ti. La esposa tan bella y amable que lo hacen sentir a uno como en casa. Quede bella como me lo merezco . Gracias !

Just coming back from my follow up with Dr. Haro and his great team! So happy with my Botox treatment results. Love seeing you every time. Could not ask for a better and caring Dr and staff. Two thumps up!!!

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