Founders: Dr. Haro, DO & Carolina Haro

Dr. Carlos J. Haro and his wife Carolina Haro have established Quantum Medica with a passion for beauty and youth. They are both dedicated to the art of aesthetic enhancement. Their unique and systematic approach to aesthetic evaluations and treatments delivers an unprecedented level of artistry.
Mrs. Carolina Haro has always found a calling for beauty. It was her vision that gave birth to the company. She is the one who awakened that passion for aesthetics in her husband Dr. Haro and together they have decided to share their passion with the world.
Dr. Haro has brought his love for medicine and incorporated it in his treatment protocols. The results are far superior than just a non-invasive procedure. His background in Family Medicine, and Interventional Musculoskeletal Medicine has aided him in developing the most effective weight loss and body sculpting protocols in Aesthetic Medicine.
The love they share for beauty, for youth and for each other is what motivates them to excel in Aesthetics. They will settle for nothing less than the best for their clients. They understand how critical it is to provide the newest products and incorporate the latest techniques to obtain superior results. Loving what they do assures their clients that they will obtain a superb level of rejuvenation and unprecedented level of aesthetic enhancement..
“Believe in Beauty, Believe in Youth, Believe in You”
Dr. Carlos J. Haro & Carolina Haro


• The most popular aesthetic injectable treatment in the world, with more that 7 million procedures per year.


• Botox© is a neuromodulator that has been used for many clinical and aesthetic indications


• Safety has been demonstrated since 2002 when it was approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes


• Mechanism of action involves relaxing muscle contractions and eliminating unsightly wrinkles


• It has also proven its efficacy in treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)


• Clinical use also involves using Botox© for chronic migraines


• Master aesthetic clinicians use it for enhancement of facial beauty, such as in advance techniques involving brow lifting, contouring of jawline and skin tightening of neck region